The pandemic is changing journalism and it’s changing how we talk about it. I should have been sitting with dozens of other European media people around a long table in the glorious baroque setting of the orangery in Potsdam Palace outside Berlin, discussing “Shaping the Post-Covid Media Order” as part…

What is the future of news after Covid-19? How will new technologies such as AI change our journalism? How will forces for social change such as BLM impact on that process?

Polis director Charlie Beckett argues that these are all related trends in this article based on the evidence he gave recently to a UK parliamentary inquiry into the future of journalism.

Last year, Polis conducted a global survey of what newsrooms around the world were doing with AI and machine…

AI Invest: new strategies for journalism

How can the news media find investment to support the development of new AI technologies? Our recent global survey of news organisations showed that there are special challenges as well as opportunities for journalism. …

Charlie Beckett

Journalist, LSE media professor, Polis think-tank director. Writes about journalism, UK & global politics

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